Monday, March 19, 2007


The weather we have had over the last couple weeks has me questioning why anyone lives outside of the Northwest. Frankly, I am a little upset with the Kraemer's choice of MN as a place to live. Which Kraemer ancestor made the call to stop in the plains? Was it July when he made the decision? Get back in the wagon train, maybe you'll lose a child or two to cholera along the way, but its definitely worth it.
Picture of me limp-wristed inside of a tree.

PS - Accepted to University of Oregon's Masters in Community and Regional Planning. On the waiting list for Portland State's Urban Planning Program. Give me a moment to rant on "waiting lists": just let me know if I am in or not...I have already waited several I must wait another month. Also, I wasn't prepared for it, but its a major blow to the ego to get denied or put on the waiting list. "Am I not good enough for you PSU!? I didn't like you that much anyway." It reminds me of standing in que at a Hotel Chelsea in NYC and having the Sean Paul look-a-like bouncer say to Possum and I "we can't keep letting these mediocre guys in here." Then, when we got in it kinda sucked and there were mirrors everywhere.

Friday, March 09, 2007

1,100 of the strangest people

My town is a bit backwards. I don't know if its just that the meth is that good around here or what!? It seems that there is a new controversy every day. There are a few characters (citizens) that make appearances more often than others. I might need to netflix Twin Peaks and/or start recording some of this madness.

Friday: Uproar regarding the potential new fire hall. Concerned citizen threatens to "dissolve" the Port by local vote because of my most recent idea to purchase the old fire hall.

Saturday: In the morning on the way to a meeting, a man completely whacked out rides by full speed on a lawnmower with another guy chasing behind on a bike swerving into an oncoming traffic lane. Then onto the community meeting where the consensus seemed to be that the school girls are dressing in a way that they are "asking for it."

Thursday: Fire boat sinks. Sabotage is the rumor, but ignorance seems to be the case. (Please note: Port accountant in yellow kayak)

Monday, March 05, 2007

15 miles, 40 degrees, 11,000 feet

The snow continued thru another week up at Mt. Hood...

Yet, it was 60 and sunny in the Gorge

Did I mention that I really like it here!?