Wednesday, August 30, 2006

East Coast Debacle

Bender: Eating, Drinking, Uncomfortable Hugging, Drinking, Drinking, Eating, Arguing, Sleeping, Traveling

Its been awhile faithful readers, I have been away. I had a great time out East. The trip started off in Boston and of course I was met at the airport with a traveler in tow. This trip was partly revenge for when Batty visited me when I had a full time job and had to drag my hungover ass out of bed for work every morning. During the days, I rode the T all over Boston. At night, there was some uncomfortable hugging with virgin christian asians (ask me when you see me). Then, the whole crew came down from NYC to Boston for a trip to Cape Cod. It seemed like a great idea to beat traffic and we hit the road for the camp at 3am, which happens to coincide with bar close. We did miss the traffic and hit the water right at sunrise.

Staying up through the night often leads to strange weekends. We rode some killer waves and drank many a beer. Oh yeah and snaked a jug of Carlo Rossi (obvs). Something took over Batty and left him repeating "You don't know Tony Roma's Ribs" until he ran out of energy and went to bed around 8. The rest of us had a heated argument around the campfire guessed it...Wikipedia. Great times. Whats your power animal? Sean's is a possum.

Ah, New York City how I hate you so. I actually had the best trip yet to NYC. Saw some great art (MOMA, P.S.1), some friends I hadn't seen in a long time, some great music (Dr. Dog and the Walkmen) and drank myself into chaos. Not sure what to add.

Now, I'm back in MN for a couple weeks. I am waiting to secure housing in Oregon. By the way, I got the exact job I wanted! I'll be doing grant writing for a marine park on the Columbia River. The main project involves planning a sailing, windsurfing and kiteboarding complex!!! Can you believe that?!?!

Hit me up if you are around MN, I'd like to make the best of my last couple weeks of FUNEMPLOYMENT.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Bridge of the Gods (thats actually the name)

I have had a great week traveling through Oregon. This state is HUGE and the diversity of people/opinion parallels the landscape. Anyway, the interviews went great and I would be happy with pretty much any of the placements. I do have a favorite and I think this picture explains it all:

(this is taken from an island in the park i would be working on)

I had to travel to the far Northeastern part of Oregon and there are some crazy people out there. I ran across this gas station with about 30 signs like the one below...

Monday, August 07, 2006

What month is it?

Well, the end of funemployent is near and by near I mean 2 months away. I have a busy couple of weeks. I am in Oregon for the week, back to Lake Collinwood for Ball of Twine Daze, off to Boston/Cape Cod/NYC/possibly Montreal thru the end of August and then to Oregon to start up my new job in mid-September. I'll try to post some pics. Check out this clip from last year's Ball of Twine Daze:

And, just a couple of dudes drinking some Sparks