Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shaggin' Rug

Made it to Oregon. Uneventful road trip. Actually, quite boring. Too many miles on the road this summer: at least 8,000 miles on road trips alone! Such a crazy feeling to walk into this little empty house I'll be living in. For now, my bed is a sleeping bag on a shag rug. Guess what...its raining.

Sunrise Beer on the Cape (for Trapdoor McCarthy)

Monday, September 18, 2006

On the Road Again, Again.

The golf is fully-packed with basically all of my belongings. Surprisingly, I managed to get pretty much everything I needed into the car. Not to mention, attached on-and-around the car (snowboard, windsurfing gear, kiteboarding gear, skateboard, and bike). Lets get EXTREME (mountain dew should sponsor me).

It was really sad to leave my family and friends. Once again, the nervousness slips away with the miles stacking up on the odometer. I made it to Sheridan, Wyoming and decided to crash for the night. Tomorrow, I am onto Missoula to stay with Tyson and Janna. Pretty uneventful on the road. FYI, the South Dakota route takes much longer and there really isn't much to see. I just couldn't handle driving through North Dakota twice in the matter of 3 months. Checked out the Maize Palace.

Best Sign:
Crazy Woman Creek

Best country song lyrics:
Need a big 'ol beer, and lil 'ol you

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Going Away Party

Liquor Lyle's
Saturday Night