Sunday, September 11, 2011

Elders' Wedding

My buddy Nick Elders got married in his hometown on Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Forest/Park. It was an amazing, amazing setting. In between the ceremony and the reception, Lauren, Brandon and I went for a little stroll. This is Lauren inside of a huge ancient cedar.

Drinks, yummy food, and good friends. It was really good to see everyone. Nearly 10 years after college, everyone is still pretty much the same - which is really comforting. Everyone is definitely in different phases, situations, and circumstances....yet the same personality shines through.
Brandon and Mollie - still wish I could convince these two to move out to the Northwest!

Taking a dip in Lake Quinault - very cold and refreshing. Lets all stay for a month - instead of 48 hours. And no I'm not wearing a white t-shirt, that is just my fish-belly untanned skin.
I left the wedding really missing my Minnesota/Macalester friends. In a way, I am really jealous that they all get to hangout together and frequent my favorite haunts in MPLS. Yet it is mixed, as I wouldn't have met any of the great friends I've made here in Oregon. I spent a good deal of my backpacking trip with this thought rattling around in my head.


Here is a picture of Barlow and his sister Sophie. They are from the same litter, yet completely different fur, size, shape, and personalities. I took care of Sophie for 3 nights and Barlow was totally exhausted by the end of it.